fabulous u

Who likes having a fabulous custom dress? Check out this video and find very affordable prices for a custom gown. It is fabulous how their program can turn your vision into an actual gown that is uniquely you.

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Mexico real estate

I love Mexico and thought about moving there and have looked into Mexico real estate. Look at these beautiful properties via BuyPlaya Advisors’ video. They are the experts in Mexico real estate and have been assisting foreign investors and owners since 2004. Seeing the properties in this video makes me want to move to Mexico now.

Musical instruments made by garbage

Capone & BungtBangt invented the new millennium’s music: The Junk music is the music played with recycling, the message is musical, ecological and social. The video show how simple everyday items, stuff you would throw into the garbage, can be turned into musical insturments. The instruments have a cool sound and the urban music throughout the video is inspiring.

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ZAGGKeys Folio

I came across this comprehensive video review of the ZAGGKeys Folio Keyboard for iPad Air while looking for a bluetooth keyboard to help me turn my excellent, fast and light iPad Air into a workhorse. The YouTuber reviewer, Christophe Langlois, is a social media professional and blogger based in the UK. You will find all his other best keyboards for #iPadAir reviews at http://vbank.in/ipadAIR.